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Big Mart Franchise Details,Cost,Profit Margin – How to Apply

Big Mart Franchise – cost,contact number,investment fee,online application process.

big mart franchise

The Big Mart is an Indian super market company which initially started for grocery home delivery services.Now they allow their customer to shop online via their website and make payment online.You can browse multiple brand products and shop easily.Search all organic food ,grocery items and order for home delivery.Big mart is ready to serve at your doorstep,you don’t need to stand in long queue for purchasing grocery products. Bigmart committed to their customer to provide exclusive shopping experience. They offer high quality daily uses products like snack food,grocery,soft drinks,stationary,bakery,dairy,magazines,newspapers,food items and many more in under one roof.The company incorporated in year of 2016 in India,now it offers more than 22,000 products from 1200 different brads.

The company not only lets you shop conveniently from their online and offline store but they have unique franchise service.The main motto of this program to expand their store in different cities for more business.If you become a part of their franchise ,you can earn a good income out of it.In this post we will discuss all aspects of Big Mart Franchise program and benefits.

Big Mart Franchise Opportunity – Supermarket Grocery Store

Why people love Big mart ? The supermarket offers amazing services and products.Here are some basic reasons that everyone love.Since it is the India’s largest grocery chain,they take extra care when it comes to product.

  • You get 100% quality products.
  • Fast and free home delivery service.
  • You can pay cash on delivery.
  • All organic foods are available.
  • 24/7 customer care support for their consumers
  • Easy e-billing facility
  • You get all branded product under one roof.

Why you should open Big Mart franchise ?
Big mart is India’s most reputed grocery supply chain which offers products from all brands.The franchise program is very unique and open for every individual.They treat franchisee as a partner and it makes relationship more strong.They believe partner growth is their own growth.Keeping that in mind,they provide all possible assistance and tech support.They take care franchise business from establishing to maintaining all aspects.

Big mart franchise establishment 

The supermarket franchise opening process starts with by selecting best location.The company helps to find out the location with minimal rental fee.next comes store’s layout which is also a very important task and needs proper plan.The team plans everything including fittings,grocery reck,signage,staff dress,POS machine,A.C,Freeze,and the stock availability. Each and everything set up by minimizing the set up cost without compromising the presentation.

Big Mart Franchise Selection: Process step by step :

Step 1: Identification of the prospect through personal contacts ,reference,advertising ,marketing or Franchise.
Step 2: When the business opportunity confirmed then starts first round of discussion,It provide basic information regarding grocery store and terms & condition’s overview.
Step 3: The next step describes the complete franchise project and invite the persons for final round discussion
Step 4: Applicant fills the complete application form with all valid details and ready to submit
Step 5: Application forms enclosed below documents :

A) Cheque or Demand draft for the Franchise setup cost & Software charges & Security
deposit amount as per the guidelines.
B) Require address & Identity proof like Adhaar Card, Voters cards and Pan Card.
C) Premises ownership agreement papers along with bank statement.

Step 6: Next is very important to verify all documents. Verification / Scrutiny of the documents done by the team and store inspector visit the place for inspection.
Step 7: After successful inspection , franchise is approved from head office or ZCM, REGIONAL HEAD, GM.
Step 8: General manager communicate with applicant through email and activate the code.
Step 9: All training provided by Channel Dept on field.It includes operations, CSS,IT, Accounts, Sales.A Certificate of training is handed over with duly signed by FH.
Step 10: Welcome kit sent to the Regional office.
Step 11: You are now fully authorized for opening the franchisee.

Big Mart has multiple category franchise models. Each franchise has their own roles and activities. We will now discuss all these franchise and there investment profit details.Almost all franchise models offers all product range.These products are like ,lifestyle, personal care, home care,human Basic need, Grocery, Bakery, Stationary, Cosmetics , Beverages ,Personal Care, Fruits , Organic,Frozen ,Branded Foods, ,

1. Big Mart Delivery Franchise

Delivery franchise is one of the popular franchise category offered by them. by taking there delivery franchise you can earn up to approximate rupees 50000 to 1 lakh per month.

Delivery Franchise cost and requirements

  • Required Area / Size 250 Sqft To 500 Sqft
  • Security Deposit investment Rs.200000/-
  • The Franchise Fee Rs.200000/-
  • Franchise running Software Fee Rs. 50,000/-
  • Standard Agreement Time or Locking Period 1 Year to  5 Years
  • Require 2 Security Deposit Undated Cheques Rs. 2,00,000/- Each

Company Liabilities and support

In delivery franchise Company is liable to package the parcels of orders delivery franchise owner software and tablets.
Delivery bike is also provided to the franchise from the company .

Big mart pays Rs. 5000 fix assured income to the delivery franchise every month.

Company is responsible for all kind of promotion,marketing and advertisement to boost up the sales in the store.

Delivery Franchise will pick up the all parcels / orders from the supermarket warehouse.

Delivery Franchise will deliver the parcel / orders on same day.

Delivery Franchise book all orders from his area of stationary,grocery bakery,from its software or by tablets

Delivery franchise Income

The franchise owner will receive 10 % Commission on total Monthly sales from Company.
The main advantage of delivery franchise is that , it gives Rs. 5000/- Assured guaranteed Income per Month.
If any franchise owner appoints a new delivery Franchise,they will get paid  Rs. 20000 from the company.

Calculation of Income :
Lets have  an example so that it gives an clear idea about income.If your per month approximate sales Rs 8 lac (per day 30000) commission on monthly sale receive is 10% = Total income rs 90,000 per month.

Based on above value,we can calculate this below figure :
Fix guaranteed income – 5,000 per month
10% commission on total monthly sales – Rs, 90,000 P.M
Appoint New franchise – Rs,20,000 for each.

2. Warehouse Franchise Basic requirements and Fees

  • Minimum Area/Size required 1000 Sqft To 1500 Sqft
  • Franchise Investment Cost Operation Cost,Products Cost,Interior cost)   – Rs.2000/ Sqft Refundable Cost,
  • Fee for Franchise –  Rs.500,000/-
  • Fee for Software – Rs. 50000/
  • Agreement Period –  5 Years / 3 Years
  • Security Deposit Undated Cheques Rs. 5,00,000/- Each
  • Income generates approximate 1 lac to 3 lac per month.

Warehouse Franchise’s and Company’s Work:

Warehouse Franchise owner will take the warehouse on rent basis.

The rent of the warehouse is Rs. 20 Per Sft.The amount is payable by the company.

Big mart pays electricity bill of the Warehouse Franchise.

Company pays the salary of workers in Warehouse Franchise.

Company pays all operational and petty expenses.

All marketing,promotional and advertisement cost carried by Big mart.

Company displays all saleable products in the Warehouse Franchise.

The interior part of the Warehouse Franchise is also managed by the company.

Income of Warehouse Franchise

Unlike delivery franchise,warehouse franchise does not receive 10% commission total monthly sales.The percentage is reduced 10 to 2% on totals monthly sales.

Only 1% Assured guaranteed Income per Month is allotted on total investment cost of the franchise.

Extra Rs. 20000 is paid to the Warehouse franchise for appointing each new Warehouse Model Franchise.

Calculation of Income

If Per Month Approximate Sales Rs. 60 Lac Per Month (Per Day Rs 2,00,000)

Commission on monthly Sales is 2 % = Total Income Rs. 1,20,000 P.M

Calculation of Income From FOCO MODEL- Smart Market Franchise
Assured Guaranteed Income Rs. 20,00O/- P.M
Income on total monthly sales 10% Commission Rs.1,20,000/- P.M
Income Rs. 20,000/- for Appointing New Franchise.

3. Big Mart FOCO Model Outlet Stores (Retail) Franchise

  • Area/Size requires for FOCO model franchise is 300 Sqft To 20000 Sqft
  • Franchise Investment Cost (Operation Cost,Products Cost, Interior cost)  – Interior Rs.5000/ SOFT Non-Refundable
  • FOCO Franchise Fee Rs.350000/-
  • Franchise Software Fee Rs. 50000/ Per Logins From and Second Logins Rs. 1 Lac Extra
  • Lock in period –  5 Years
  • 2 Security Deposit Undated Cheque for Rs. 5,00,000/- Each

Company roles and support

Company pays rent of the store of Rs. 50 Per Sft.

Company pays the electricity bill of the Super market Franchise.

Super market Worker’s salary is paid by the company

‘All operational and petty expenses are paid by company

Big mart handles all advertisement,marketing, promotion activities of supermarket franchise to grow sales in the store.

Company design interior of the supermarket store.

Income Of FOCO Model supermarket Franchise:

Get 10 % Commission on total Monthly sales generated in the same Supermarket Store.

Company pays 12% Assured guaranteed Income per annum on total

investment cost of the franchise.

Appoint a new FOCO Model Franchise and get paid rs.15000 extra for each

Foco outlet franchise Income Calculation

We can understand by taking an example of 1000 Sqft Area of Supermarket Franchise:-

  • Per Month Approximate Sales Rs. 45 Lac Per Month( Per Day Rs 1,50,000)
  • Monthly commission Sales is 10 % = Total Income Rs. 4,50,000 P.M.
  • Income Calculation From FOCO Model Supermarket Franchise
  • Assured Guaranteed Income 12% Per Annum
  • Income on total monthly sales 10% Commission Rs 4,50,000/- P.M
  • Lock in Period set 5 Years

4. Big Mart FOFO Model Franchise Store

  • Minimum Area/Size 300 Sqft To 10000 Sqft
  • Franchise Cost Rs. 3,50,000/- Till 1000 SFT
  • Software Cost Rs. 50,000/ Per Logins
  •  Products Cost (Minimum Order) Rs. 2000/- Per Sft Approximate
  •  Interior layout (according to company) Rs. 1000/- Per Sft Approximate
  •  2 Security Deposit Undated Cheque Rs. 5,00,000/- Each
  • Franchise Fee (1100 Sft To 20000 SFT) Rs. 500 Per Sft.

FOFO Model Franchise Income Calculation

Take an example of 300 Sqft Area of Smart Market Franchise to understand the income figure of this franchise.

Per Month Approximate Sales Rs. 36 Lac Per Month (Per Day Rs1,12,000 )

Average Margin on monthly Sales is 20% = Total Income Rs. 702,000 P.M.

Smart Market franchise receives Rs. 15000 for new franchise appointing

  • Income on Appointment of 10 New Franchise Rs. 1,50,000/- P.M
  • Income on total monthly sales 20% Commission Rs. 702,000/- P.M
  • Total Income of Smart Market Franchise Rs., 8,52,000 / P.M
  • Big mart will charge 5% Royalty fee on total sales.

5. Big Mart Retail State Franchise / Master Franchise

State franchise basic requirements

  • Office size –  600 Sqft To 1500 Sqft
  •  Security Deposit Amount Rs. 50 Lac which is Refundable
  •  Franchise Fee Rs.35000O/- (Non-Refundable)
  •  Software Fee Rs. 5000O/ Per Logins
  •  For Second Logins Rs. 1Lac Extra should be payable
  • Agreement period  10 Years
  • 2 Security Deposit Cheque Rs. 10,00,000/- Each

Company activities and support

Company pays total electricity bill of the State Franchise office.

Company pays the salary of staff working in State Franchise office.

Company bears all the operational and petty expenses.

Company bears all marketing, promotion and advertisement cost to boost up sales.

State franchise income calculation

If Per Month Approximate Franchise sales amount Rs. 80 lac Per Month and (16

Franchise In a Month , Rs. 500,000 Franchise Fee from each Franchise.

Commission on monthly Franchise Fee Sales is 5 % = Total Income Rs.400,000 P.M.

If 100 Franchise Store runs in the state Then Sales of Per Store Average Rs. 10,00,000

Total number of Stores = 100 x 10,00,000 = 10,00,000,00 ( 10 Crore Turnover of month)

State Franchise gets 2% of total turnover : 2% of 10 Crore is Rs, 2,00,0000 (20 Lac Per Month)

FOCO Model Income — Supermarket Franchise

  • Assured Guaranteed Income-12% Per Annum Rs 50,000/-
  • lncome on total Franchise sales 5% Rs 400,000/- P.M
  • Income From Turnover of all Store Sales Rs. 20 Lac. P.M
  • Lock in Period 5 Years

How To Apply For franchise

The big mart accepts franchise request through online submission.They have integrated franchise application form on their official web portal.Visit https://bigmartfranchise.com/ and you will apply for franchise in right side of navigation menu bar.Click on the tab and it will open the form.Enter below details :

  1. First Name – Applicant Name
  2. Email – Active email ID
  3. Phone : Enter phone number
  4. State – Your state
  5. City – Enter the name of the city
  6. Message – Here you can enter any comment which may help for better consideration.

Website : http://biggmart.com/
Toll free number : 1800 200 2026
Email Id : info@bigmartretail.com
Head office : WellDone Tech Park Sohna Road,Sec -48 Gurgaon,Haryana Delhi-NCR