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Amazon Courier Franchise Online,Delivery Investment,Profit

Amazon courier franchise – Logistics,Delivery franchise investment,profit,application process

amazon courier franchise

Amazon India introduced their logistic service for simplifying entire delivery experience to their customers. Amazon logistic delivers your product on the same delivery day or within normal delivery time frame. It has been seen that third party courier service providers, they often delay for delivering parcel and packages. Here Amazon new innovative technology gives an opportunity to serve their customer better way. India is a country of huge population and everyday online shopping is increasing. In coming years, courier franchise business is going to be one of the best profitable businesses in India. Therefore, if you are planning to start or to be a part of Amazon logistics franchise service,this is a right time and you can now apply online within 2 minutes. Here in this article we will explain the entire process and as well as the Amazon logistic business growth opportunity.

Amazon Delivery Franchise Opportunity

The benefits of Amazon Courier franchise Model

  • Consistent volume: As you know,Amazon process millions of Orders each day and ships parcel in all over India. You don’t need to worry regarding the package volumes. It is very stable and let you generate very good commission.
  • One of the most important and best part of this franchise is their Superior Technology. You will be provided all relevant tools to get started franchise. These tools are fully automated and very flexible to manage.
  • When it comes to making money with logistic partner, Amazon could be the number one choice. They offer very high rate Commission and extra incentives time to time.
  • All franchise agreement and terms are simply explained. You work with them and it will make you feel pride.

How it works ?

Amazon India needs delivery boys from each corner of India. With the help of delivery franchise module they are now looking new franchise partner. If you are ready to deliver their product you can work under them and make money out of it. This is a consistent business which is available for all citizens in India. You select your preferred city where you can deliver the package through your van or fleet. The delivery process works very simple, the local delivery boy picks up the parcel from the regional location. Amazon’s routine Technology lets you drive through their navigation system efficiently. You deliver parcel to recipients and earn money.

What is the total franchise investment ?

Since Amazon logistic is not a courier company,the investment does not apply for it.You deliver their goods and shipments through your own delivery network.However,you may have noticed public liability and goods loss insurance policy.These are mandatory for each large courier company or logistic service provider.You can find more details in below.

Required documents !

All original documents need to be submitted.It includes your identity documents like Pan card,Aadhar card,voter card or ration card.Original property documents,for rented place rental papers from verified owners.You may have to submit bank statements.The team will explain the complete required list of documents.

Logistic partner agreement period

Most of the franchise agreement period is 4 years to 5 years.But,you should remember each company has their own rules and policy.We exactly don’t know the agreement period as its confidential.You will get all details when your application is approved and ready for business set up.

Courier Expansion locations

The vice president Mr. Akhil Saxena  India Customer Fulfilment, Amazon India said , they will deliver product to any place in India via their own delivery network very soon.It clearly indicates that they are going to expand delivery points in all across country.

What are the basic requirements to get started ?
Whenever you try to become a part of any reputed companies you should have some basic idea and there are some basic requirements. However if you are already in this professional delivery business, we expect you have everything that we are going to explain in the below section.

Drivers training program
Logistic business and drivers are well connected. So the first thing you should consider driver safety policies, proper training and procedures. All these must be in written program.

Insurance requirements
While delivering the product anything can be happen. Therefore you must have insurance policy. They have mentioned public liability minimum rupees 5 million.
When it comes to policies for goods in transit it should be minimum rupees 25 k per loss
You also need to insurance for motor fleet. Each vehicle must have sufficient business insurance and with minimum limits of rupees 5 million. It includes both property damage and third party bodily injury.

What skills and experience required of a delivery boy?

The franchise owner needs to select their individual delivery boy very wisely.All delivery credit depends on each particular delivery.Amazon’s first priority is to delivery parcels on time and safely.Make sure that the workers work 24/7 hrs to maintain your franchise reputation.

Required storage area

The primary storage hub should have good storing capacity.Try to maximize the front area where vehicles can park and unload the goods.The minimum area required 250 square feet to 300 square feet.Customers may also visit your place directly to receive the package,therefore good space gives you fast franchise approval.

Recommended vehicle capacity
The minimum load capacity of the vehicle is 5m cubic and less than 3.5 tonne (gvw)

How to apply online to become Logistic partner ?
If you are an existing Amazon customer then you need to login to their account. If you are new,please create an account with some basic details and it will redirect you to the Amazon courier franchise application form. Amazon automatically detect your location and show list  available cities around you. In case if you see logistics is already in your areas, you still have opportunity to submit the form. Please type your city and complete the form details. See information below what they required through the form :

Trade or DBA name – Trade category
Registered company name – Enter the full company name
Website name – This is optional field.If you have website,you can enter the URL
Companies years in business – Enter how many years your company running.
Vehicles available daily – Y/N
Company full address – provide full address
Town / City – City from where you belong
Country – Enter country from drop down menu
Postcode – Enter the pin code or zip code
First name and surname
Phone number – Active phone number
Additional comments for consideration – You can mention anything special which may help you to get your request approved.
Driver type : Employees, contractors, both


amazon delivery franchise application

Send your courier franchise request to Amazon team and wait for their reply. They usually take 7 business days to review your application, if everything is ok, you will receive call from them within 7 days regarding franchise approval. In case you are not eligible for the franchise,your data are stored for future purpose. If someone wants to terminate the existing franchise contract in your area then it is handed over to you to run the business.

What to do to become successful logistic franchise leader ?

Build  your solid team

When you setup your business,you have to build a perfect team.Recruit staff and solid skilled drivers who will work under any situation for bringing success for your business.

Package Delivery

Its not an easy job to serve thousand of customers on daily basis on time.Encourage your co workers to make it happen with a smile and you can achieve the target.

Create your team culture

Team culture is very important for long term business growth.Create customer obsessed culture for high standard feedback and reward.Motivate your team to work beyond expectations by coaching and development.

Franchise FAQ

  • Who will provide vehicle to deliver parcels ? The delivery providers facilitate their own driver and vehicle supply chain for this program.
  • What is the service area restriction ? There is no restriction.You can provide service to multiple areas.
  • What is the parcel size limit ? The maximum weight of delivery is 25 kg
  • What is legal amazon contracts ? The delivery providers are individual contractors.Amazon is not liable for any trouble occur while delivery.
  • How to increase more business ? This is up to you,the business growth depends on performance,rates and experience.
  • When commission will be paid ? Amazon clears invoices on weekly basis.

Official Website : https://logistics.amazon.in/

Customer help line : 1800 3000 9009

We hope the above information will help you to get Amazon courier franchise in your city.If you need more support you can contact us.